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Posted by Ben Angus On July 17, 2010 Comments Off on Scratch Built | Buildings

Scratch building is the process of building a scale model from raw materials or even materials found about the household, rather than building it from a commercial kit or buying it pre-assembled.

Scratch building is easy, if original plans of the subject exist. However because of the lack of plans, many models have to be built from photographs by measuring a known object in the photograph and extrapolating the rest of the dimensions. The necessary parts are then fashioned out of a suitable material, such as wood, plastic, plaster, clay, metal, polymer clay, cardboard or even paper and then assembled. Some purists consider a model not to be truly scratchbuilt unless all of the parts were made order alprazolam united pharmacy from raw materials. However some modellers consider a model including commercial detail parts as being scratch built.

Scratch built buildings by Duncan MacRae (EMRC)

Raw material including commercial detail parts  shown before painting

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