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Make model rail corridor connectors

Adding gangway connections between carriages adds a touch of realism to a model railway. This can be achieved with a simple method described using folded paper.

The Method:
First cut two long strips of black paper. One 15mm wide, the other 28mm wide

Corridor Connectors figure 1 Cut individual sections with 7mm overlap28mm Plus and 15mm Plus
Strip A -15mm wide x 42mm
Strip B – 28mm high x 29mm
Corridor Connectors figure 2 Fold the 15mm Strip A over the 28mm Strip B with 7mm folds top and bottom
Fold the 28mm Strip B over the 15mm Strip A with 7mm folds top and bottomContinue adding strips A & B folding and joining until you have the required
depth of connection.
Corridor Connectors figure 4 When joining sections, lay Strip A inside the folded joining section and press flat prior to laying on Strip B to repeat the above process
Corridor Connectors figure 2 When the required sections are completed, reverse the 15mm wide Strip A so the fold face inwards and push the overlaps inside the previous fold.
Corridor Connectors figure 5 Once you are satisfied that the connections works remove the corners with scissors or craft knife
 To secure the connection to carriages, cut a piece of card / balsa wood to fit neatly into carriage doorway and glue to connectors. Paint black to complete.

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