The Berry Collection – Goods Stock

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Photographs by Eric Dale unless otherwise stated

 Highland Railway Brake Vans

HR goods brake vans rarely – if ever – left their ‘home’ system. They often had their own distinctive ‘architecture’, including the raised ‘birdcage’ lookout in many cases. The open verandas found elsewhere in the country were not as popular as elsewhere in Britain, mainly because they often served as ‘road vans’ carrying ‘smalls’ traffic. Consequently they were longer than those used by many other railways and had two sets of double doors.

Private Owner Wagons

Freight traffic rarely reflected (proportionally) the company over which it was running. Apart from specific private owner wagons, many corporate vehicles were used by all companies on a sort of ‘quid pro quo’ basis regardless of who owned them or where they may have ended up! Therefore the fact that in 1923 the Highland Railway passed fewer than 3,000 goods vehicles to the LMS does not really mean anything; merely reflecting the relative size of the HR compared with other companies.

Oil Wagons

LMS Ale Wagon

R Y Pickering construction

R Y Pickering construction. 4-plank, 10 Ton open wagon with full-height side doors. Timber- framed. Tare: 5-13-0 Believed red oxide painted with black strapping (except rubbing-plates on doors) and ironwork. White lettering, “Affleck F Fyfe” and “Load 10 Tons” and possibly also the rest of the lettering. ‘NB’ serifs on “No. 1”. Plate reads “Empty to XXXX Colliery”. (Researched information by Douglas Berry)

Believed built by R Y Pickering. Dumb-buffered, curved-ended. 8 ton open – four plank full depth side doors. Tare 5-9-0. Grey (??) with black strapping and ironwork. White lettering, with black shading to blocks (script unshaded). (Researched information by Douglas Berry. No model exists within The Berry Collection)

By Ken McKee
Elgin Model Railway Club

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