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PRESTON-PANTS (N Gauge – Scale 2mm: ft)

Preston-Pants is a fictitious location representing a typical North British Railway branch terminus, located somewhere in the lowlands of Scotland, close to the Capital. The name may seem familiar as it is similar to that of the site of a famous battle where the Highlanders under Bonnie Prince Charlie charged on the Government troops and defeated them. Not having such a great claim to fame Preston-Pants was the site of a skirmish associated with the larger battle where some Highlanders in their kilts flattened a platoon of Redcoats in their breeks, can you get xanax from an online doctor hence the name Pressed Down Pants which over the years has been corrupted into its current style.

The single track branch line services the village of Preston-Pants with a single platform station with a run round facility, signal box, engine shed, goods shed and yard. The centre of the layout focuses on an independently run distillery, Glen Drouthy, with associated buildings and traffic. Villagers who stay to the left of the distillery are known as Preston-Panties while those on the other side are known as the Right Drouths.

The layout is set in the mid-60s with steam still the main motive power but the occasional early diesel may be seen. The baseboard, one section 1.4m x 0.4m is constructed from 2’’ x 1’’ softwood and 6mm plywood, lined with 1/16th inch cork. The baseboard is mounted on an domestic Iron Board frame.

The track is all Peco Code 80 with Electrofrog medium radius points operated by wire in tube to slide switches, which has a dual function of direction and polarity change on frog. Operation is DCC, controlled by a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advanced System.

Stock is a mixture of Bachman, Farish, Peco, Trix and some older wagons.
Road vehicles are mainly Oxford Die Cast.
The buildings are made up from a combination of scratch built using proprietary embossed plasti-card and plastic kits modified to fit the scene.

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