North American N Gauge

N Gauge, US outline modular style mainline railway


The city of Twin Rivers is situated between the banks of the Rivers, Fox and Lossie. For a small Midwest City it is served well by the railroads.

The mainline through the city is owned by the Chicago & North Western, but several other class 1 railroads have trackage rites to cross from there own lines at each end of town, as this is the most convenient route across the rivers.

Twin Rivers is a busy route and the station is situated along the banks of the Fox River as it swings across the front of the town. This restricts the town from spreading southwards.

The trackage uses the C&NW left hand running rule and has a “Bi-directional centre track, so as to allow Freight traffic to pass when passenger trains are in the station. The City also has a small industrial area, which is reached via the east main line, crossing the River Lossie on its own bridge.

Layout Details.

  •  The layout is built in modular form, this allows for a variety of set ups and can be made to fit, the space provided.
  • The control system is DCC using a NCE pro 5amp power pack. This allows for multiple trains running.
  • With 2 storage ends and a total of 11 storage tracks. The minimum scenic section is around 22ft.
  • Minimum layout footprint if used in a straight line is 32f x 4ft, but this can be altered to form a “U”; “L”(or reversed) please contact us for these dimensions.

A minimum of 6 operators is required, with 2 others in reserve, to run the layout.