Tyock Junction

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Tyock Junction – British Outline – N Gauge


This is the club’s latest layout and, as can be seen from the photographs, is still under construction.

During the Second World War the phrase “somewhere in Britain” was used in the interests of security and to confuse the enemy.

The same phrase applies to Tyock Junction, not for those reasons, but because we don’t know exactly where it is.

The name comes from the burn, the Tyock, that runs behind our club premises so from that point of view it’s based in Scotland.   However the name also sounds like it could come from the west country or possibly Wales.   The visual aspects of the layout do not help either.   At one end the sea wall with the line running through tunnels, ‘smallish Dawlish’, would tend to support the west country, but the farm scene at the opposite end and the hills of the background could place it anywhere from the south downs to Wales or Scotland.   It’s certainly not a city or an industrial conurbation.   One advantage is that it means that there is no restriction to running stock for a particular area.

The layout has a double mainline track running from ‘Onebigtown’ to ‘Anotherbigtown’.   The station has a passing loop also giving access to ‘Somewheresmaller’ with the branch passing underneath the mainline and heading down the valley, actually a small fiddle yard and run-round loop to allow trains to return.   The station is well serviced by a two road steam shed and a two road diesel maintenance depot, and there are also two sets of goods yards for interchange operations and to service industries off scene.   Set in the transition period, loosely, it also gives us flexibility to run what we want to.

Currently the layout is analogue operated with plans to convert to DCC but as we only have access to two DCC fitted locos at present, this is not an immediate priority.

Tyock Junction Track Plan


Tyock Jct. 1 Tyock Jct. 2 Tyock Jct. 3 Tyock Jct. 4

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