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Jedward OO layout by Duncan MacRae

Jeward is a fictitious branch line set in the Scottish Borders. The layout is L-shaped,  4.80 long x 1.70.

At the top of the L, the end board terminates at a turntable which allows for run-round facilities and the opportunity to turn locos. Within this section there is a small engine shed, woollen mill and a scrap yard.

At the opposite end on the short leg is where the fiddle yard is located. The fiddle yard is made up of cassettes which  services the layout. The manual exchanges of  cassettes allows for a variety of stock to be promptly dispatched.


This photo depicts  the finished product of the first phase,  board #1 (120 cm x 50 cm).  The class 17 goods train is leaving  the fiddle yard, running alongside the river ‘Jed’ heading toward the ‘Grey Mares Tail’

Goods train heading towards ‘Gray Mares Tail’

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