The Berry Collection – Goods Stock

Photographs by Eric Dale unless otherwise stated  Highland Railway Brake Vans HR goods brake vans rarely – if ever – left their ‘home’ system. They often had their own distinctive ‘architecture’, including the raised ‘birdcage’ lookout in many cases. The open verandas found elsewhere in the country were not as popular as elsewhere in Britain, […]

On the Hunt for Belgian Museums

Belgium is perhaps one of the least likely countries to visit for fans of the steam locomotive. In a way, this is rather surprising, as two of its engineers gave their names to inventions used around the World. Firstly, Alfred Belpaire designed the square-topped firebox that bears his name, whilst Egide Walschaerts produced the valve […]

From D1 to TOPS

Like many railway systems around the World, British Railways and its masters were seduced by the claims of diesel loco manufacturers. Suddenly steam was old hat, and was disposed of in great haste. Many of the British Standard locomotives went to the scrapyard (or into preservation) with less than 10 years service on the clock. […]

Douglas Berry – The Man

Photographs by Eric Dale unless otherwise stated Douglas’s Favourite Picture. He felt it looked so real with his Highland loco No 6 approaches Dava Station from Forres with a train of empty cattle wagons for Grantown sidings. Operated as part of The DAVA Project Douglas Berry You only have to look at the faces of […]

On the French Narrow Gauge

By the Not-Quite-So-Old-Dominie I confess to a love affair with France, the French, their food and (especially) their drink, their scenery, the ambience – and I’m quite partial to their trains as well. Holidays tend to be based on moving from preserved railway line to preserved railway line, with the odd museum thrown in. So […]