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Ashland WI –  N Gauge North American layout


Some years ago we exhibited a layout called Twin Rivers, a town notionally located near Elgin in Illinois, situated between two rivers, the Lossie in Moray and the Fox in Illinois.   That part of Illinois is north of the tornado area of the Midwest but in these days of global warming freak weather conditions can apply and an incredibly large tornado lifted the whole town and set it down in Wisconsin (the WI is the abbreviation for that and not the Women’s Institute!).   Curiously the town was set down between two rivers again and some of the buildings also got transported but the good people of the town did not want to chance fate and renamed the town.   Their original choice was Phoenix but a city in Arizona had already claimed that name so the called it Ashland as it arose from the metaphorical ashes of their old town.   That is our justification anyway but just to confuse you further “Toto, I’ve the feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”.


In reality the town was called Ashland as our clubrooms are in the Ashgrove area of Elgin.   There is an Ashland in Wisconsin and it was quite a railway centre but the layout is more limited in nature and it envisages it as a small Midwest town.   The double track spreads to give a central passing track so that freight trains can pass passenger trains and it can also serve as a convenient stabling point for trains to stop whilst freight cars connected with the businesses in the town are detached or added.   A separate track into the town parallel to Main Street services these businesses and the town has its own switcher which is stabled near to the road intersection.   As is common in the US, stock from several railroads can be seen given the location on Lake Superior and not far from the border with Canada.

Although the layout is DCC operated using NCE equipment, it is serviced by a fiddle yard that can be DC or DCC and can be connected to any suitable layout, known in the Club as UNGSAFY (Universal N Gauge Storage and Fiddle Yard) and the plan is to use this to service a variety of layouts yet to be built.

Ashland Track Plan

Ashland 1 reduced Ashland 2 reduced Ashland 3 reduced Ashland 4 reduced Ashland 5 reduced Ashland 6 reduced

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