Hythe Town

Posted by Ben Angus On February 6, 2015 Comments Off on Hythe Town

Hythe Town is the junior’s layout at the club.  The layout is straight, 24′ long, and features an inter-changeable board.

The layout features a town, station, goods shunting yard, and an inter changeable board which dictates the era of when the layout is set.  The first board has an engine shed, coaling stage, and turntable on it.  In this form the layout is in the steam-diesel transition period.  The second board is still under construction, (see latest news page), but shall contain a canal with barge, shunting facilities, and an engine shed.  When in this form the layout is for diesel locos only.

This layout has already been to a few exhibitions including the Great North of Scotland show, Aberdeen, and Inverness, where we won the best operating layout.

The layout is primarily DCC controlled by NCE equipment, however two of the boards can be used for DC running when required.


Work has started by the junior members on an alternate “diesel only” end board for Hythe Town. With more industrial areas and a dock, the new board will be shown for the first time at Perth model railway exhibition later in the year.

To date, all of the track is down, and wiring has been completed.   Scenic work is nearly complete, however this layout does not have any exhibitions planned in the next few months.

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