PRESTON-PANTS (N Gauge – Scale 2mm: ft) Preston-Pants is a fictitious location representing a typical North British Railway branch terminus, located somewhere in the lowlands of Scotland, close to the Capital. The name may seem familiar as it is similar to that of the site of a famous battle where the Highlanders under Bonnie […]


Banff-Knock is a 2mm Fine-scale layout by Ian Noble. It is a model of the Great North of Scotland terminus at Banff and Knock station which was further up the line.  The period modelled is the late 1940s/early1950s.  It is DCC operated using the Gaugemaster DCC02 system.     The layout is portable and has […]


Jedward OO layout by Duncan MacRae Jeward is a fictitious branch line set in the Scottish Borders. The layout is L-shaped,  4.80 long x 1.70. At the top of the L, the end board terminates at a turntable which allows for run-round facilities and the opportunity to turn locos. Within this section there is a […]